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About Us

South Dakota Emergency Medical Services for Children is a national initiative designed to reduce child and youth disability and death due to severe illness and injury. Medical personnel, parents and volunteers, community groups and businesses, and national organizations and foundations all contribute to the effort.

South Dakota EMS for Children was started in 1994 and continues to provide resources to make the children of South Dakota safer and well taken care of in the unfortunate event they become sick or injured. South Dakota EMS for Children is a federally funded initiative designed to advocate and support state action for pediatric readiness; ensuring that any child regardless of where they live or travel will have access to optimal pediatric emergency care.

Our goal is to develop like-minded partnerships to reduce and/or prevent childhood disability and death due to severe illness or trauma; by providing initial and ongoing pediatric education and resources to Hospitals, Clinics and Ambulance Services. These partnerships are critical in accomplishing this for our pediatric medical and trauma patients.

With a focus on pediatric injury prevention, our collaborative partnerships bring awareness, education and resources for all South Dakota communities. We have a longstanding focus on occupant restraint, bicycle and pedestrian safety.