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Read SD is kicking off the 2015 Summer Reading Challenge Campaign

o Statewide program designed to combat Summer Slide, a regression of learning ability among children during summer months.

o Enables parents and educators to quickly find reading materials that match their child or student's literary ability.

o Theme this year for the summer reading program is “Every Hero Has A Story”

South Dakota Department of Education FAQ

Why is it important for kids to read during the summer?
Kids that don’t read over the summer typically experience learning loss and fall behind their peers and curriculum standards when they return for the new school year.

How many minutes do kids need to read per day?
Kids that read 20 minutes per day score in the 90th percentile compared to kids that read 5 minutes / day which score in the 50th percentile (source: American Federation of Teachers, American Educator).

What resources is the Summer Reading Challenge providing?
Find A Book Tool – Matches a child’s reading ability to a list of suggested reading materials.
Take the 20/24/7 Pledge (for kids)
Facebook Page with curated “book of the week” selection from South Dakota Children’s & Teen Choice Book Award List (big focus of this year)

As part of the goal for every student to enter 4th grade either proficient or advanced in reading, the South Dakota Department of Education is coordinating a reading initiative to bolster student reading achievement year round. Read! SD will raise awareness of the summer loss epidemic, share compelling research on the importance of personalized reading activities, and provide access to a variety of free resources to support targeted reading.


"As Educational Leaders, we will take a prominent role advocating a dynamic quality education
for each student in South Dakota." -
Developed September 29, 1995

The Benefits To Readers In A Summer Reading Program Include:

• encouragement that reading become a lifelong habit
• reluctant readers can be drawn in by the activities
• reading over the summer helps children keep their skills up
• the program can generate interest in the library and books

And it being summer, the program can just be good fun and provide an opportunity for family time.