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About Us

Clearview Distributors is a broad line window and door dealer representing many of America's leading window and door companies. We supply and install windows into replacement remodeling and new home construction applications.

Quality Windows

You rely on your windows to allow you to look outside, enjoy some fresh air and keep out the elements, especially the cold winter air in Colorado. If your current windows aren’t doing the job, you need to choose windows that complement the rest of your home and are available at reasonable prices. If you plan to build a new home or construct an addition, we have the windows that will complement the design of your project and our team can develop options to meet the needs of your budget.

We offer a variety of the biggest names in windows, including Anderson Windows and Doors, Marvin Windows and Doors, Milgard and more. These windows come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors to best match the exterior and interior of your home.

All the Doors You Need

We also carry a large variety of doors to best meet all your needs. If you are looking for something unique, French doors are a great option. To exit your home, you may wish to invest in our beautiful patio doors or sliding doors for added convenience. Perhaps you want to add excitement to your indoor and outdoor entertaining areas by bring the outdoors in with a dramatic bi-fold door or a moving glass wall. We even carry storm doors to help protect your Colorado Springs, CO home from the elements, especially in the winter.

Our Leading Manufacturers

Whether your project is replacement windows, an addition, a multi-family project, a historic renovation, or a new door, we have the right products for your unique application.

To give you the choice you deserve and the quality you want, we proudly represent leading manufacturers – Andersen, Milgard, Marvin, Hurd Windows, Windsor, Cascade, Therma Tru Doors, LaCantina Doors, Velux, and Solatube.

Clearview Distributors FAQ

What is the best product for our home?
All the products we offer will stand the test of time, so the best product for your home is a product that meets you design/appearance preferences, your budget, and if replacement windows or doors the installation particulars of your home. Let's understand those details and begin to select the products that meet your unique needs.

How can I reduce the cost of the project?
Typically there two ways. The first is to select a less expensive product line. The second way is to "value engineer' the approach. This may entail placing more attractive windows in the feature area of the home -such as street facing and entertaining areas and placing more affordable products in the backside of the home and in window wells. Doors have a wide price range, so many times we can suggest doors that will offer the desired utility at a price than will still have an attractive appearance but offer a lower price.

How long does it take to do a replacement project?
There are two parts to that question. One is lead time, which is generally dependent on the work backlog of the installation crews. In the busy time of the year this can be 6-8 weeks before the project starts. The length of time to actually do the project depends on the number of windows and doors. We are very careful so our installation rate is typically in the range of 3-5 widows/doors per day.

Can you install throughout the year?
El Paso, Douglas County climate is pretty moderate. We can install windows at temperatures down to 20F. Of course a snow storm, rain/hail storm or very high windows puts a stop to work. In the event of unexpected weather conditions during installation, we make sure every new window and door is weather tight before stopping work and we won't start removing existing product if the weather is poor.

What about warranties?
Typically the windows and doors have manufacturers warranties against manufacturing defects. The length and coverage vary by manufacturer. As a Dealer we are authorized to explain each a manufacturers warranty. We are a warty servicing dealer, so in the event of a problem the homeowner can deal directly with us to resolve issues. If we also installed the windows or doors Clearview offers and workmanship warranty covering the installation. The value to the homeowner in dealing with a installing dealer is that if there is an issue whether it is product or installation a Dealer Clearview handle the problem. Many companies, including the big box stores do not offer this comprehensive warranty service.