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About Us

Expert Individual and Business Tax Preparation Services

We at The Tax Bureau soar for every credit and deduction to get you the largest refund possible.

  • Expert tax preparers with over 16 years of experience
  • Tax Attorney on Staff
  • Trustworthy, Fast, Accurate and Friendly Service
  • Affordable Tax Solutions
  • Free Case Analysis

We Help Our Clients:

  • File Back Taxes
  • Negotiate & Settle Tax Debt - Offer In Compromise
  • Remove Penalty and Interest (Abatement/Waive)
  • Stop Tax Liens & Bank Levies
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • 940/941 Payroll Tax Help
  • IRS Payment Plan / Installment Agreement
  • Tax Audit Defense and Representation
  • Stop IRS/State Wage Garnishments

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Individual Services

Trust the professionals at The Tax Bureau prepare you taxes. We do everything possible to ensure that you receive the maximum refund due to you. We've helped people get the best possible tax returns for over 15 years.
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  • Individual – 1040
  • Specialize in EIC Returns
  • College Educational Credit - You may be eligible for $1,000 Educational Credit
  • Credit for each of the last 3 years in college
  • Specialize in Schedule C (Sole Proprietorship) Returns
  • Specialize in Schedule D (Capital Gain/Loss)
  • Specialize in Rental Property Returns

Business Services

All businesses except partnerships must file an annual income tax return. Partnerships file an information return. The form you use depends on how your business is organized. Refer to Business Structures to find out which returns you must file based on the business entity established.
Trust the experts at the Tax Bureau. Call today! 719-694-9005


  • Specialize in 1099-C and 1099-A
  • 1099-MISC and 1096 Forms Preparation
  • Specialize in Business Net Operating Loss
  • S Corporation - 1120s
  • C Corporation - 1120c
  • Partnership - 1065
  • Fiduciary - 1041
  • Exempt Organization – 990