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About Us

Prevention. Education. Intervention

The Victim Center was established in 1976 as a grass-roots organization called the Rape Crisis Center. Over the years, the organization has grown to provide multiple services to any victim of a violent or sexual crime. We now offer hope and healing to men, women, and children victims within southwest Missouri. 

The Victim Center is not funded through tax dollars, but it is funded in part by The United Way of the Ozarks, the Missouri Department of Public Safety and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services through competitive grant awards. 

The Victim Center is not a government agency. It receives funding from private foundations, individuals, donors, and special events. Please call the office if you would like a copy of an annual report.

Our Mission

The mission of The Victim Center is to provide free-of-charge counseling, crisis intervention, and advocacy to men, women, and children within Southwest Missouri who have been victims of violent or sexual crimes. The agency also provides prevention education programs to schools and business/community groups.

Our Goal
Our goal is for each person who receives services from The Victim Center to feel safe, empowered, and restored.  We are dedicated to serving victims of violent or sexual crimes in southwest Missouri. We frequently receive letters and phone calls relaying the message that our goal was met.   Below are a few testimonials -

"Thanks so much for believing and investing in my children's lives at The Victim Center. The Victim Center shares the victories, too, in their lives... I am forever grateful for the confidence that continues to be built in their lives and the platform The Victim Center and (their therapist), Kelley gave them." ​
- Erick
"I feel good about donating my time and money to the agency. It is an excellent steward of funds, watching that every penny goes to helping victims of crime and preventing victimization. I have been actively donating to the agency for ten years and never regretted a penny I gave; my only regret is that I did not give more."
- Angela Drake, esq.
"Coming here changed things for us - in ways that I don't even have words to describe.  My son was suicidal before we came here. Today he is a very happy, well- adjusted individual. He is hoping -- he has hope. I am convinced that if it were not for The Victim Center, he would not be with us today. This place has saved our lives."
- Jane


24-hour Crisis Line: 417.864.7233


When crime happens, it impacts every aspect of a crime victim's life: work, school, home, and leisure. Our programs are designed to help each individual or family put the pieces of life back together. 

24 Hour Crisis Hotline and Intervention
​- Advocates on-call 24-hours a day.
- Availability to talk on the phone.
- Availability to meet at the hospital or police department.
- Call anytime 417.864.7233 (SAFE)

Community Crisis Response Team
- Violence can happen in the workplace, school, or in public.
- Violence causes negative effects on employees, students, or other witnesses.
- Our response team provides crisis intervention to a group of individuals.

Victim Advocacy Services

- Safety Planning
- Emergency Ex Parte order of protection
- Assistance obtaining community resources and referrals.
- Court, hospital, and law-enforcement accompaniment.

Kids Court

​- Education for kids and parents on the courtroom process.
- Introduction to relaxation techniques.
- Learn that above all, "talk and tell the truth."
- Family dialogue on feelings about court.
- Meet a judge, bailiff, and prosecutor.

Individual/Family/Group Therapy

​-  Trauma-based counseling for individuals and families (men, women, children).
- Child Parent Relationship Therapy: For parents who would like to learn how to support their child through special play sessions at home.
- Sexual Assault Survivor Group: For adult survivors of rape, child sexual abuse, or sexual assault.
- Family Violence Group: For those dealing with violence at home.
- SAFE (Sexually At-Risk Family Enrichment) Group: For parents with sexually acting out children.
- Coping Skills Group: For adult females needing immediate tools they can use to cope.
- Art Therapy Group: For survivors who want to learn how to use art as a tool for healing.