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About Us

We do things differently at Midland Exteriors.

Some say the only way to succeed in home improvement is to shout that you have the absolute lowest prices. We don’t do that.

Others say that you have to cut a few corners to make a profit. Things like hiring sub-contractors and using cheaper products. We don’t do that either.

We also hear that you have to use a bunch of slick, high-pressure sales tactics or you will lose too many sales. Guess what – we didn’t listen to that either.

And 10+ years later (we started in 2002), we are still here. Not just here, but thriving with tons of happy customers.

Without doubt, occasionally we miss a sale because we don’t play pricing games or push people into something they are not comfortable with. And I’m sure that in the short-term we could lessen our quality to squeeze more dollars out of projects.

But we don’t do that.

It’s just wrong. But it also happens to be a lousy business strategy. Because word eventually gets around. The ‘fly-by-night’ guys are eventually exposed and start losing business and not getting referrals.

We have preferred the slow, honest, and steady approach to growing a business people trust.

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