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About Us

Warner Electric is a family-owned business serving Topeka, KS and surrounding communities. Larry and Linda Warner started the business in 2004 after many years working for other companies in the area. Larry is a Master Electrician and an Electrical Contractor. Warner Electric is a full-service electrical company. Providing quality customer care is our priority.

Warner Electric FAQ

What are the best light bulbs available today?
This all depends. Does you light need to be able to be dimmed? Is your light indoor or outdoor? Is your light used in an enclosed or open light fixture? Is this a main light or an accent light? As you can see there are many variables so there is no "one" answer. We can help you choose the right kind of light for each application.

What causes a light fixture to go bad?
Burning a stronger light bulb than what the manufacturer requires will shorten the usable life of your light fixture.

What causes a breaker to go bad?
Has your breaker been tripped several times? Repeated tripping will weaken your breaker. Also if you are overloading the circuit you are creating a problem for your breaker.

What is an overloaded circuit?
A normal house breaker is 15 or 20 amps or 1800 to 2400 watts. When more wattage is used than the designed size of the breaker, your breaker will 'trip'.

When should I replace my electrical panel?
Within 30 to 40 years of installation or when there is a problem with your main breaker staying on.

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