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About Us

Andover eCademy students get “All the Best Parts of School.”  Andover eCademy is a K-12 virtual school that enables students to take ownership of their learning.  Students may work quickly through the areas they understand, take their time in areas that need extra attention, and put an emphasis on subjects that interest them most.  Some of the state’s top teachers work with eCademy families through our blended learning environment, combining the benefits of the virtual and traditional classrooms.  Blended learning enhances online learning with opportunities for labs, clubs, field trips, and other face-to-face cooperative learning.  eCademy also eliminates many situations that might interfere with your child’s education.  This combination of benefits has proven to create an environment that leads to a natural love for learning.

Why Does Andover eCademy Stand Out?

Differences that set Andover eCademy apart from other virtual schools will benefit your student. 

• Blended Learning Environment:  eCademy has actual brick-and-mortar classrooms where students can come and take part in regular group lectures and activities led by our teachers.  These face-to-face sessions help augment the online learning with hands-on labs, field trips and other cooperative learning activities, while also providing students opportunities for social interaction. 

•Part of the USD 385 Andover School District:  The award-winning Andover School District is one of the top districts in the state and well known for graduating high-achieving, well-rounded students. 

•Outstanding On-Site Teachers:  eCademy attracts accredited teachers who are technology-oriented and progressive in applying the most modern educational techniques and systems.  Many of our teachers chose to join eCademy because our approach enables them to teach more one-on-one settings and provide more personal attention.  That attention extends to our students’ parents/learning coaches as well. 

•Top Curriculum:  eCademy provides a curriculum regarded as the best available.  It is known for engaging students and encouraging their desire for further exploration.  This curriculum meets College and Career Readiness Standards, and embeds these standards into each lesson.

Academic Success:  eCademy students consistently perform above local, state and national averages in assessment reports.  The academic honors and college scholarships earned by eCademy students show their success has no limitations. 

Why Students Excel at eCademy

Flexible  Schedule:  Students can perform their schoolwork on a schedule that fits their family’s needs.  They can also spend more time on difficult lessons, or work quickly through subjects learned easily.  This flexibility also allows students opportunities to succeed in and out of the classroom.  For instance eCademy students have been involved in gymnastics, equestrian competitions, acting, and other activities that require daytime involvement.  Although eCademy students are allowed a flexible schedule, deadlines are assigned for lessons and tests to ensure standards are maintained. 

Teacher Support:  Andover eCademy teachers are all highly qualified and Kansas certified.  Teachers monitor student progress and proactively interact with students and parents.  They provide weekly live lessons and work to motivate and encourage students.   Teachers are available for questions and support via phone, Skype, message boards, email, and face-to-face interaction. 

Technology: A full-size laptop computer is available to each student for accessing their online lessons and completing assignments. 

Virtual Sessions:  Teachers meet with students weekly to provide educational support, prepare students for state and other curriculum assessments, and to supplement the curriculum with engaging, interactive lessons. 

In-House Days:  Teachers hold regular in-house sessions that provide students opportunities for face-to-face interaction with teachers and other students.  These sessions are used for classroom presentations/lectures, interactive activities, science labs, writing workshops, field trips, and social events. 

Enrichment: For students interested in the arts, science, technology, sports and other extracurricular activities, eCademy helps connect students with their home district schools for participation. 

College Credits:  High school students have the opportunity to enroll in college courses for dual credit for both high school and college.  It is even possible for a student to take enough college coursework to earn an Associates Degree while still attending eCademy. 

Andover eCademy FAQ

What does "virtual education" mean at eCademy?
Students and their learning coaches receive instruction and have access to lessons and course assessments online

What does "blended environment" mean?
eCademy provides a combination of virtual and traditional education. Students receive most lessons and instruction online. In addition, we have in-house days in which students can come to a brick-and-mortar classroom for in-person interaction with teachers and other students. This blend exposes students to the best parts of both styles of education.

I don't have a degree in teaching. What kind of help can I expect as my child's learning coach?
eCademy provides an orientation session and a Learning Coach Guide with step-by-step instructions on how to teach each lesson. eCademy teachers are available to answer any questions, provide teaching tips and offer ideas for motivation and encouragement. Never hesitate to contact the eCademy teachers. eCademy also holds regular workshops for learning coaches, and provides online resources for tips and ideas.

Can I check on my child's progress online?
Yes, you can log in 24/7 and monitor your student's grades and progress with lessons.

How flexible is the schedule?
Through eCademy, families often are able to complete daily lessons in less time than they would in a traditional school, leaving more time for enrichment, field trips, social opportunities and family activities. From time to time, families can even take a break from daily lessons. However, eCademy requires lessons and assessments to be accomplished in a specific time frame. This helps students maintain a regular education routine and "keep up with the rest of the class."

Do I have to provide a computer for my child?
No. eCademy has laptop computers available for any student to check out upon payment of a deposit. We also have an on-site technology director to ensure any tech issues can be resolved quickly.

We don’t live near Andover and I can’t bring my child to all the in-house sessions. Are there any options?
Yes. eCademy can arrange virtual options for students unable to attend in-house opportunities.

My child is interested in sports and music. Are those available?
For students who want to participate in enrichment activities such as athletics, the arts, and science/technology, eCademy will help facilitate participation at your home district public school.

What types of clubs and school activities are available?
Arts and Crafts club for elementary school, Photography Club for middle school, and Book Club for high school are just some of the extracurricular activities in which eCademy students participate. For a current list, visit

How does a virtual school take field trips?
As part of in-house activities, teachers sometimes plan field trips to places such as the Sedgwick County Zoo, Exploration Place, Old Cowtown, and other museums. These are excellent opportunities for students to socialize with their peers while learning outside the classroom.

10 Reasons Students Enroll in Andover eCademy

There are many reasons why families all over Kansas enroll their children in Andover eCademy virtual school.  One eCademy student is a gymnast who competes throughout the nation.  One family has a child with medical issues requiring daily treatments.  One student
 excels in mathematics and wants to work ahead.  One student needs to work and wants to start earning a college degree.  One family wants to be able to spend more time together. 

Every year, eCademy students achieve successes they may not have experienced in traditional schools.  The tailored attention, Individual Education Plans, personalized instruction and encouragement students receive from their learning coaches and teachers often unlock  strengths that were waiting to emerge, and help them build up skills in weak areas. 

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Students Enroll at Andover eCademy:

  1.     Blended Learning.   
  2.     Flexibility.
  3.     Students can work at their own pace. 
  4.     High School Students can get ahead and graduate early.
  5.     Students can pursue talents like athletics, acting, modeling, etc.
  6.     Students can get away from negative situations.
  7.     Students can focus on academics and avoid outside distractions.
  8.     Top Curriculum. 
  9.     Technology.
  10.     Andover eCademy is Fun!

Best of all, the students really like being a part of eCademy!  The virtual experience often takes away stressors and distractions that limit students’ successes.  The educational experience becomes a joy, and our students discover a love of learning. 

For more information on Andover eCademy visit our website at or call 316.218.4470.