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Moody Heating and Air FAQ

I thought pollution was outside? Why should I be worried about my air indoors?
We spend 90% of our day inside. Today's efficient airtight homes are excellent at conserving energy, but that also makes them better at trapping potentially irritating particles inside the home. With the rising number of people who suffer from allergies and asthma, indoor air quality has become more and more important to our general health and well-being.

What kind of things are in my home's air that might be affecting my family's health and comfort?
A wide range of particle matter can be in your home's air, including: dust, pollen, animal hair, dust mites, cat dander, lint, mold spores, cooking grease, smoke and bacteria to name a few.

I keep my house clean! Could the air in my home still not be clean?
Yes. A typical home can generate 40 pounds of dust for every 1500 square feet. Regular cleaning is an excellent measure to reduce exposure to irritants and pollutants, but it's simply impossible to remove enough of the material by hand to make your home's air as comfortable as it can be.

How is Trane CleanEffects different from the air cleaners I see advertised?
No other air filter can even come close to the effectiveness of a Trane CleanEffects. It also generates a minimal amount of ozone at less than 5 parts per million, which is well below the 10 PPB FDA voluntary emission limit for medical devices and significantly below some ionic-type room appliances that may reach hundreds of PPBs. Also, since the unit is not placed in your home's living areas, there is no annoying noise.

How does a whole-home air cleaner like Trane CleanEffects work as part of my system?
Trane CleanEffects is designed to perfectly fit as a component of your total home comfort system, unlike many air cleaners that are situated in a single room. CleanEffects is installed and operated through the same duct work that your furnace or air conditioner might use. So, even though it's attractively designed, it operates out-of-sight of most living spaces to provide up to 99.98% cleaner air throughout your entire home.

Does Trane have any special offers in place?
You can get up to a $1000 rebate on qualifiying Trane systems. The offer is good thru February 28th.